Converse Spot

Picture This…

You are sitting watching your favorite television show or browsing your favorite social media when an ad flps on.

Dark screen hits followed with a deep, long inhaled breath… 2 Second Clips of famous people over the past 50 years (anyone from Marilyn Monroe to Kurt Cobain-esk types) subtly wearing Converse going into artistic, fluid video footage of driving, dancing, playing sports, skateboarding, hanging out, being cool etc… (Exhale) In comes new, cool, famous voice (Maybe a James Franco/Ryan Gosling type) saying this:

“Laced with history, they’ve been the shoe of choice for the remembered for nearly a century. They say that it would be easier to make a list of people who have never owned a

pair, than to make a list of those who have. Our low and high-tops have walked the streets, ran the courts, rocked the stages, pushed on gas pedals, flipped skateboards,

and danced on dance floors under the feet of the rich and famous, or the grinding dreamers, all of which on life’s endless journeys. Whatever way history

twists & turns,  Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars will be there. Will you?”

You now come out of your amazement, forget about looking at your sort-of friends new baby and go straight to to buy yourself a fresh pair of white low tops for this coming summer.