(Not-so) Relevant Experience:

Hardball Success (Guilford, CT)

Booking Agent & Creative Assistant, Dec. 2011- Jan. 2013

•  Communicated with mothers, fathers, children, teens, aunts, uncles, and any other limb of the family tree on a daily basis to schedule lessons and maintain training success

   •  Focus was the sport of baseball

  •  Learned that many parents will push their financial and scheduling limits to make their children happy

Guilford Facilities (Guilford, CT)

School Custodian & Summer Landscaper (June 2008-February 2013)

• Spoke with teachers, principals, social workers, and students on a daily basis

•  Came to understand that people’s lawns and landscaping are clear extensions of themselves

• Worked and befriended lifelong blue collar & education workers

• Realized that an occupation doesn’t define a person and that you can learn a lot about someone by seeing if they will talk with a custodian

Pilgrim Fellowship (Guilford, CT)

Volunteer Cleanup for Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi, Mississippi (June 2007-July 2007)

• Participated in demolition, pick up, painting, roofing and anything else they would allow us to help with in the wake of one of the costliest and deadliest hurricanes in U.S. History

• Spoke and worked with people and families who lost all of their possessions and/or loved ones.

• Learned from meeting happy people in the wake of destruction that mentality is everything. A damaged house is either a pile of useless wood or a clean slate.


Traditional Art Forms

Writing fact & fiction, illustration, still life’s,

portraits, and portraying day dreams are all obsessions

 of mine. The pencil was my first passion and I like to sketch & write down

everything. Really. My notebook is not a place for

the “left-brained”.


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”- Henry Miller

I tend to agree. You have to get out and grow, not stay put and shrink. Inspiration is everywhere, from the lady on the streets of NYC

carrying a coffee can full of paintbrushes to the olive skin of the timeworn fishermen on the docks of Key West, just look around.

If I could settle down anywhere it would be in an old, white Victorian by the Rhode Island ocean.


The pursuit of being better than decent at basketball, tennis, and golf fill my weekends and free time. 

I often struggle with the realization that I am ‘the guy who used to be pretty good.’