I love…

This is the list…

The list of things I love. It is ever-growing, but not ever-changing.  Once it is added it to the list, it can never be taken off.

Keep checking back for updates.

I am a Pisces & love CD’s (just in general), a glass of ice water (daily), The Beatles (over the Stones), getting his ideas down on paper (I’ll forget), movies by Scorsese (duh), Seinfeld (picture Kramer bursting in door), writing & drawing (preferably with pencils), competitive eating (against myself), and cross word puzzles (sometimes even Saturday’s…. okay, never Saturday’s).

I play several musical instruments (all horribly), I love Leonard Cohen (but you don’t really care for music, do you?), cereal (Cheerios + bananas), girls who are pretty, funny, bright (any or all), and New York (hates New York).

I love writing (or typing), basketball (someone just scored on the Knicks again), being busy (is it lunchtime yet?), driving gloves (Matt, it’s 80 degrees out), and board-games (who wants to play Monopoly?).