How I Got Involved

Why does advertising strike a chord with me? An F# to be exact, Yes, that is right, an F#. Well, while studying the written word as a journalism major I was assigned to read the New York Times daily. Over the course of the semester my eye began to stray further & further from the words in paragraphs over to the punchwords & phrases linked with these big photos accompanying every page. Dun Dun Dun! The Ads! I was hooked. The daily drab that I respect & admire no longer grabbed my attention & my aspirations swayed from telling stories that already happened to story telling. As most of my idols are still writers, some advertisers & advertisments have now made the list. Ogilvy & his Hathaway man being pretty high on the totem pole.

hathaway man

I aspire to someday be as cool as either of these two (or at least make people think that I am as cool).


One of my major goals in life, like many others, is to create something that will last long after I am gone. But not money, or children, or a family name, not even my own name, but yet a work of art, a character, a saying, something stuck in pop culture forever. That is the ‘something special’ about advertising. Little amounts of people (unless you are in the business) know any ad agency names or successful people in the business, but you know their ads. You know their creations, their characters, their words. Those things that are remembered, the slogans, the images, forever linked in time with either a product or a feeling will last long after those ad men are gone. And that is why, advertising and copywriting in general has always attracted me. When asked what a copywriter is, it always seems to be a bit difficult to explain, so I sat down and really thought out an answer and this is what I came up with.

A copywriter tries to make a reader understand, believe, and remember what he is saying.