A conversation

-What do you do?

+I work in advertising, writing specifically.

-Really?! Don’t you feel bad always trying to sell people things?

This is a pretty common conversation I have. It’s either, ‘oh awesome, like Mad Men?!’ (which of course I answer with a quick “If you say so”, a wink of the right eye and a sip of my Old Fashioned) or this ‘feel bad trying to sell people things’ question. And what I usually try to get across to the person asking is that I don’t think advertisers sell people things, that’s what stores and stockbrockers do, advertisers figure out how to memorably inform people on products, brands, and ideas in creative and artistic ways.

It is a more creative yet less altruistic form of journalism.

Telling the public what you choose to tell them in regards to the truth of the brand and or product. Taking a subject, hitting the interesting points, and hopefully leaving the viewer/reader with something memorable. Something they can feel. Also, it gives you the ability to create an image along with the story. An image of humor, an image of horror, an image of joy or an image of despair, it depends upon the mood. What are you trying to tell the public? Now show them.

It is a profitable, creative form of art.

It’s commercial art. Creating an image that allows the viewer room for interpretation, an image that portrays feeling, an image that makes you think, isn’t that what the the word art is all about?

So to get back to my earlier conversation I would answer:

+Well, I don’t feel bad because ‘selling’ is not what I do. What I try to do is create a story for a product that hopefully will relate to someone. I write commercially. What do you do?

-I work in the medical field.

+Oh awesome, like Scrubs?!