Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Shalom, Ciao, Ni Hao, Hola.

(After that, I’m useless besides hand gesturing)

 So I may not be able to speak many languages,

but I believe that art, in whatever form, can translate to all.

For me, the ability to create something complex & beautiful

with something as simple as the combination of  letters, language, & the

 stroke of a brush (or click of a mouse)  has always inspired me within my work & life.

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To me, an artist is anyone who willingly will dedicate numerous hours

& probably plenty of anguish to a piece of work, in any field, with the knowledge that no money may come upon its completion.

That no recognition may be awarded in exchange for it & that no one may even turn to look twice, but to them, they work as if it will be a masterpiece… & to them, it is.

Alfred Wegener

Remember that the Van Gogh’s & the Thoreau’s were not appreciated until after their death.

It is the ones who usually fade that are recognized in the present. A portfolio or legacy is completed only after no more work or information can be created.

Work till the end, see the big picture.

Who gives a shit what ‘the kid who doesn’t get it’ thinks?

Do you. ? .