by healymatthewj

Prove you were there.

Proof is powerful. Ever since we were young, our childhood rivals would ask us to ‘prove it’. Telling someone just wasn’t enough, especially if it was something ‘cool’. And what better way to prove something than with a picture. In a time where everyones phone has a camera I wanted to bring some attention back to the original proof getter, back to a time when a handheld camera was the cutting edge technology, and who better than Nikon to represent that. The camera that shot some of the most historic photos to date. While Nikon has some great ads, I felt I could improve on their interactability here as well as bring up some emotions with these cool musicians and cool times.

Campaign Copy: Prove you were there. Share your pix we wouldn’t believe.
Here is to remembering every moment. Every thrill. Every moment that feels good. Every moment with you. From all the barriers we’ve broken down to today’s ever changing & fast paced world.
Take a second to take a picture. What inspires you? Show us the picture, because sometimes, it is the only way anyone will believe you.

I chose this copy because it brings back emotions. Brings back emotions to when the camera was cool, when music was good, and most of all my target market was young. Also, I want the viewer to start to think of some pictures they have taken that are more than memorable and tag them to the hashtags of #proof or #Nikon to grow awareness. In each photo there is a strong red Nikon Coolpix camera upon the black and white photo to attract the eye.