Bank of America

by healymatthewj





Copy: At Bank of America, we stand by you through all of life’s many journeys. We understand that character is earned not given, and are here (or in your pocket) through all the trials and tribulations that help you earn it. From that weekend you’ll never forget to those few that you won’t forget soon enough, your debit card, and Bank of America is always in your pocket.

Let me start right off by saying that this is not my current debit card and that it is in fact expired. Saying that, it WAS my debit card and that wear and tear that it earned is what caused me to think of this ad. The idea I had for this campaign started when I realized that everywhere I go, more than any other shirt, pair of shoes, hat, watch, anything really, I always have my debit card. My debit card has been with me through the highs and lows (financially and mentally), it has seen $200 dinners for two, expensive wine, nice hotels, and also the dollar menus, cheap beer, and roadside motels. It keeps a better record than myself of my weekends and is my modern day location-based diary. Where do your debit card take you? Show us online at a special website where you can upload pictures and or write descriptions or mini stories to add to all the places that you go and use your debit card.  Make a funny purchase at a gas station in Ohio, take a picture and write a note next to the transaction. Now, when you look at ‘where your card has taken you’ you can remember each and every transaction with a smile.